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  • Author: Dave Patterson
  • Date Posted: Feb 4, 2015
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We arrive at Eisa’s condo in Auckland¬†

After 34 hours of travel we arrived at Eisa’s to be greeted by Robert at 11:58 pm on February 3. Eisa had been held over an extra day in Wellington for work. She got back the following evening.

Lucy and her pet human Eisa

Lucy and her pet human Eisa

All travel has its adventures, but one of the strangest for us was being caught in a traffic jam on the way from the Auckland airport to Eisa’s. I bet you’re thinking we’re a couple of bumpkins who found it strange that there could be traffic after 11 pm. Wrong! And if you don’t think being stuck behind a house on a four-lane road at 11:30 at night has a strangeness quotient, I think you’re faking your sophistication.

That’s right. They were moving a house down the road and our airport shuttle was stuck until the house made a right turn.

Once settled in at Eisa’s apartment and after a couple of needed showers, we were out like the proverbial lights. Neither one of us remembers anything between pulling the covers up and sunshine the next morning.

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